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Life-Transfomem achieve its first patent

Patent conceded!!

19th October was conceded the patent related to "Transformation of spiral wound polyamide membranes after its industrial lifespan, into membranes with industrial utility". Spanish Patent P201630931. Recycling end-of-life reverse osmosis membranes to be reused in nanofiltration and ultrafiltration processes  is possible. However, although the recycling process is "relative easy going", there are several factors that have to be considered to achieve the success of the process.

This patent is the outcome of the synergy between IMDEA Agua, Valoriza Agua and Sadyt within the life-Transfomem european project. Congratulations to the inventors and all people that have collaborated in some way. Specially thanks to Cuevas del Almanzora desalination plant staff (Diego Martínez, José Manuel Caparrós and Jesús Durán).

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Life-Transfomem at IDAWC 2017 Brazil

Patricia Terrero, Elena Campos and Domingo Zarzo (#Valoriza Agua) are participating at International World Congress in São Paulo (15-20 October 2017). To download the final program, please see the link…

Patricia showed the work related to end-of-life membrane recycling within the Life-Transfomem project, through the oral presentation entitled. “TRANSFORMATION OF END-OF-LIFE RO MEMBRANE INTO RECYCLED NF AND UF MEMBRANES: RESULTS OF TRANSFORMATION PROCESS (17WC-58237)”. Moreover, she showed results of the validation of the recycled membranes for brackish water and seawater treatment. Congratulations Patri!!

Download the abstract at the dissemination section

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Life-Transfomem at India Water Week

#Life-Transfomem project is presented by Juana Sanz at the Spanish Embassy’s stand during the 5th #IndiaWaterWeek. The India Water Week is a platform to elicit ideas and opinions form global-level decision makers, politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of water resources development and management for mutual benefit and goodwill. This edition based on the theme “Water and Energy for Inclusive Growth” will have the following major components: Water, food and energy security-essential requeriment for sustainable development; Water for inclusive growth; Sustainable energy development-key for all-round economic growth; and Water and society.

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