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LAYMAN report and AFTER-LIFE Communication Plan

LAYMAN's Report of LIFE TRANSFOMEM project (English version)

AFTER-LIFE Communication Plan (English version)


Video summary of the LIFE Transfomem project


Final project workshop LIFE TRANSFOMEM "Membrane management at the end of its useful life. Towards a circular economy "

On the occasion of the closure of the project, the consortium of the LIFE-TRANSFOMEM project has held a final workshop. The day took place on May 16 at the headquarters of the IMDEA Water Institute in Alcalá de Henares. On this day, personal R & D meetings were held by companies such as Valoriza Agua and Sadyt (from the Sacyr Group), Typsa, FCC Aqualia, Facsa and Gimeno Grupo, researchers from the University of Alcalá, Universidad Complutense, Rey Juan University Carlos and Polymat, as well as membrane producers and waste managers. The event gave the opportunity to exchange experiences with other ongoing European projects related to the recycling and reuse of recycled membranes. This demonstrates the scientific and industrial interest in membrane recycling that will support its jump to the market in the future.

In addition to the different presentations, attendees were able to visit one of the validation pilots of recycled ultrafiltration membranes for the regeneration of wastewater, located in the water treatment plant of Guadalajara.